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Carepeutic™ Deluxe Deep Tissue Percussion Multi-Head Massager


Have you ever experienced with pain, soreness, tiredness, and fatigue on your shoulder, arm, wrist, waist, legs, and feet?

People are living longer and healthier lives and are more likely to keep their body in healthier condition. Studies indicate that more and more people have experienced pain and fatigue on muscle and need to do more to maintain good body health. However, without a professionally designed massaging device, it’s hard to obtain the desired outcome. Take it easy! Our Carepeutic™ Percussion Multi-Head Massager is specially designed for the purpose above.

Our Carepeutic™ Deluxe Percussion Multi-Head Massager equips with shock absorption and interchangeable multi heads such as pin-point massage heads that can invigorate tense muscles, round massage heads that can soothe sore muscles, multi-node massage heads that can rejuvenate tired muscles, and the soft ball massage heads that can give comfort sensation to your body during massaging. And more, it has infrared function that can improve blood circulation from massaging.


  • Five interchangeable massage heads made of heavy-duty ABS material (not plastic)
  • Pin Point Massage Heads invigorate tense muscles
  • Round Massage Heads soothe sore muscles
  • Multi Node Massage Heads rejuvenate tired muscles
  • Soft ball massage head gives comfort sensation
  • Multi Massage Head massage wider body area
  • Powerful percussive massage, great for deep tissue massage, up to 3300 RPM.
  • W/Infrared Ray
  • Ergonomically streamlined design to allow you to easily reach and massage any body area
  • Top handle for two handed grip provides comfortable control when giving a massage
  • Variable speeds adjustable
  • Infrared ray therapy
  • Powerful Percussion massaging motion.
  • With patented shock absorption


  • UL, CUL, CE approved
  • Five interchangeable massage heads Included
  • Variable speeds adjustable
  • Top handle for two hands grip
  • Power: 120V/60Hz, 220~240V, 50 Hz, 25W
  • RPM Speed: 2200 RPM~3300 RPM
  • Case color: Champagne color with Burl-wood color
  • Measures: 18x6x7 inch, Weight: 4.7 lbs (shipping box 18.5x8x7 inches)


Comes with five interchangeable massage heads made of heavy-duty ABS material (not plastic), with luxury water-printed burl-wood color top.

  • Model: KH219E
  • Shipping Weight: 5lbs
  • 500 Units in Stock

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