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Carepeutic™ Tension-relief Percussion Head & Eye Massager


Carepeutic™ Tension-Relief Acupressure Head and Eye Massager With Music: The first Head Massager combined with Eye Massaging and Soothing Sound Music with Air pressure massaging all around the head to relieve tension and create reflexology.

This Tension-Relief Acupressure Head and Eye massager is designed with multi-direction of airbag Kneading and pressing around the head area and with acupuncture points on the top area. The important benefit is that it helps open the head meridian and enhance blood circulation, remove eye fatigue and improve eyesight in the long term.

The multi-point acupuncture on the top and rear area of head creates the benefit that through the distribution of hundreds of biomass root cones to acupuncture on the head it increases the oxygen exchange function of the brain, eliminates pain and tension on head, and brings relaxation to the whole body.

The built-in soothing sound music creates comfortable brain wave music to make you sleepy. The light wave music is to resonate with the brain cells, relieve stress, and promote movement of brain cells to stimulate the potential. The built-in gentle heating function also spread out comforting effect around the head area so as to improve blood circulation and relieve pain and tense muscles.


  • Providing soothing relief for headaches, stiff neck and fatigue.
  • Improve the concentration by using the professional massage therapy programs.
  • Design with Adjustable size to fit different users.
  • Small speakers are equipped around the ear position you can enjoy peaceful music during massaging.
  • With the advanced air acupressure technology, the unit can bring the most comfortable vibration air pressure massage to your eyes, all points of heads and neck areas
  • Designed with 1 automatic program for massaging for both head and eye area
  • Equipped with small speakers around ear area
  • Designed with vibration function on forehead and the back of head
  • Designed with two power sources, batttery-powered or AC powered.


  • With gift box (11x8x12 inches)
  • Net weight 1.6 Lbs
  • 4xAA battery (not included), used as another power source for traveler.
  • 1x AC adaptor 6w (included).
  • With hand-held LCD display controller.

Elegant design with handheld LCD controller

With Soothing Music and Heated Therapy to enhance relaxation and relief tension, pain, and fatigue on head and around eyes

Size adjustable on left and right sides, suitable for different needs

Size adjustable on top, easy to adjust tension

With Medi-points Percussion Vibration Massage on top of scalp, increases circulation and relaxation

  • Model: KH492
  • Shipping Weight: 4.2lbs
  • 500 Units in Stock

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