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Carepeutic® Foot & Leg Spa Bath Massager


Got painful, sore, tired feet? Our Carepeutic® Foot & Leg Spa Bath Massager gives you what you need for your feet and legs.

The Carepeutic® Foot & Leg Spa Bath Massager not only can make massage effect on foot and leg conveniently but also provide calf-deep ozone therapy with comfortable soaked warm-to-hot water. Unlike the traditional ankle-soaked-only leg-bath massager, this massager’s tub has 14 inches in height, which gives you truly calf-soaked O3 sterilization and reflexology. Its 300 massage burls and two water jets give you strong air bubble massage impact on calves and feet; and the four built-in invisible massage and moving rollers provide great massaging on sole; its automatic water draining valve lets you move it around with ease.

Feet are the root of body; feet have plenty of nerve points that are tightly connected with whole body’s organs and circulation systems including Qi and blood circulation, masculine and feminine, heart, liver, spleen, lung, kidney hierarchy and channels and collaterals. They are the focus of body energy and sprits; it is called “second heart of body.”

More and more of therapists and famous litterateurs have emphasized the importance of taking good care of feet through using foot spa devices. Even ancient emperors also valued the function of foot bathing.

According to biological holographic theory in the contemporary age, every organ of body has its respective zone on both feet. When any sector of body had caused any illness, the respective zone on foot will reflect the affection as some organizations change; on the contrary, the health status of foot will also affect the organization function of respective body organ.

Carepeutic® foot bathing massager integrates the essences of ancient Chinese medicine theory “It is a no pain pain-killing treatment but improving circulation and expelling body irregularities” and contemporary human engineering, channels and collaterals reflections, electrical and thermal ,mechanical force, water power, magnetic power, far infrared radiation, etc. It is a result of humanized and scientific design for foot reflexology.

Carepeutic® foot bathing massager owns the following curative effect combined with therapeutic treatment and active exercise: dredging liver and emancipating morose, harmonizing spleen and stomach, improving one’s appetite, improving digestibility, relieving constipation, relaxing muscle, eliminating fatigue, clearing & activating the channels & collaterals, making paralysis and curing insomnia, etc. By using this foot bathing massager every day, it will be a logical result to remain health and extend one’s vitality, not just for your feet but also for your body.


  • Over 300 massage burls simulating foot reflex zones
  • Timer: 1- 60 minutes
  • Heating temperature setting: 35°C/95oF- 50°C/116oF water-temperature.
  • Strong air bubble impact
  • O3 sterilization
  • Four invisible moving Rollers
  • Automatic water drain valve
  • Two water jets surfing water cycle
  • Manual rolling massaging
  • With transparent cover
  • With mobile caster. the dexterous caster makes it easy to move around for storage or transport.


  • Water volume: 23 liters.
  • Displays in °C degree on screen.
  • Power: 110V-60Hz
  • Max. output: 900W
  • High glossy PP case
  • Measures 17.5x17.5x19 inch Weight 15 Lbs

EXCLUSIVE           Patent Pending

The only foot spa massager that brings reflexology to both your legs and feet at the same time

Touch Panel Controller


  • Water Jet not working: check the water filter, clean up the water filter if necessary.
  • Heating not working: it may reach the preset maximum water temperature. Press the Temp+/- to adjust the preset water temperature.
  • Device stops working: preset working time is up (max. is one hour). Try to turn off the power source completely for a while and turn on the power again. Or, the water temperature is too high, try to put in some cold water to cool down the water temperature.

Adding bath salt or oil into the water container:

  • It is NOT recommended to add any bath salts or oil into the water container because the device has water wave surfing function with heat and it may block the water tube if it is not cleaned up properly.
  • If users really want to use bath salt or oil, just add very small amount into it and clean up the water container right after use.
  • The proper way to clean up the water container is to use clean water to run through the water surfing function and drain out water completely so as to make sure there is no any left over inside the water tube.

  • Model: KH294
  • Shipping Weight: 15lbs
  • 450 Units in Stock

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