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Carepeutic® Foot & Leg Spa Bath Tub


Got painful, sore, tired feet? Our Carepeutic® Foot & Leg Spa Bath Tub gives you what you need for your feet and legs.

The Carepeutic O3 Hydro Therapy Foot and Leg Spa Bath Tub gives hydro massage on foot and leg and provides calf-deep ozone therapy with comfortable soaked warm-to-hot water. Unlike the traditional ankle-soaked-only foot tub, this foot bath tub has a 14 inches high water container, which gives you truly calf-soaked O3 sterilization and reflexology. Two whisper quiet water jets give you water circulated massage impact on calves and feet; and the 2 built-in manual massage rollers provide optional massaging on sole; its built in water draining valve lets you drain out water with ease. Its advanced thermostat device can automatically turn on or off the water heating system based on your selected water temperature. Six selective timers started from 10 to 60 minutes.



  • Plenty of massage burls simulating foot reflex zones
  • Timer: 1- 60 minutes
  • Heating temperature setting: 35°C/95oF- 50°C/116oF water-temperature.
  • Strong air bubble impact
  • O3 sterilization
  • Four invisible moving Rollers
  • Automatic water drain valve
  • Two water jets surfing water cycle
  • Manual rolling massaging
  • With transparent cover
  • With mobile caster. the dexterous caster makes it easy to move around for storage or transport.


  • Water volume: 23 liters.
  • Displays in °C degree on screen.
  • Power: 110V-60Hz
  • Max. output: 900W
  • High glossy PP case
  • Measures 17.5x17.5x19 inch Weight 15 Lbs


The only foot spa tub that brings reflexology to both your legs and feet at the same time

Calf-deep water container

Stylish Touch Panel Control



  • Water Jet not working: check the water filter, clean up the water filter if necessary.
  • Heating not working: it may reach the preset maximum water temperature. Press the Temp+/- to adjust the preset water temperature.
  • Device stops working: preset working time is up (max. is one hour). Try to turn off the power source completely for a while and turn on the power again. Or, the water temperature is too high, try to put in some cold water to cool down the water temperature.

Adding bath salt or oil into the water container:

  • It is NOT recommended to add any bath salts or oil into the water container because the device has water wave surfing function with heat and it may block the water tube if it is not cleaned up properly.
  • If users really want to use bath salt or oil, just add very small amount into it and clean up the water container right after use.
  • The proper way to clean up the water container is to use clean water to run through the water surfing function and drain out water completely so as to make sure there is no any left over inside the water tube.

  • Model: KH294
  • Shipping Weight: 15lbs
  • 450 Units in Stock

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