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Carepeutic™ Jade Heat Therapy Massage Cushion


The Carepeutic™ Jade Heat Therapy Massage Cushion is developed by a group of therapy physicians who research and study how to promote human body health through noninvasive heat therapy methods so as to generate Chi and create healthy microelements for your body.



Research and Study:

The far infrared belongs to one of electromagnetic radiation wave with 0.75—1000um in wavelength while the infrared refers to the infrared light with 3-1000um in wavelength. The modern scientific researches prove that human body itself is both a luminous body of the infrared ray light and absorber of the infrared light. The resonance response of the cells can produce a large number of thermo stimuli to generate the functions such as intensively massaging the internal organs, promoting the metabolism so as to achieve the efficacies such as preventing the diseases, regulating yin and yang equilibrium, beautifying and reducing weight .

The Jade Heat Therapy Massage Cushion is the rare treasure. A piece of Jade contains more than 30 kinds of trace elements helpful to the human body such as selenium, zinc, nickel, copper, cobalt manganese and so on. The starting wave emitted by the cells of human body, and the cells of human body are resonated with the wave movement emitted by the jade. Therefore these cells of the human body obtain the vigor and the blood circulation is promoted, the metabolism is strengthened and the internal wastes are gotten rid of in time.

The jade function of building up human body was found by the mankind long time ago. The jade has the efficacies such as removing the heat in stomach and the heavy breathe and irritation, nourishing the hair and five internal organs, supplying the muscles and enhancing the bones, quenching the thirst, moistening the heart and lungs, pacifying the soul, benefiting the blood and blood vessels, brightening the eyes and sharpening the ears, etc. Long term use of the Jade Heat Therapy Massage Cushion can promote blood circulation, strengthen the muscles and bones, warm up the stomach and remove the cold, lighten the body and prolong the ages. Also, Jade Heat Therapy Massage Cushion can alleviate the prostates, neuralgia, and pain in the back notably.

What Jade Heat Therapy Massage Cushion can do to your body health?

The infrared ray Jade Heat Therapy Massage Cushion is adopted with the warm natural jades. It has the functions such as removing the nervous tension and muscular fatigue, promoting the blood circulation, reducing the blood lipid and blood viscidity, preventing from aging and consolidating the immune system.

Jade Heat Therapy Massage Cushion is applicable to the diseases treatment such as rheumarthritis, whole body sourness and ache, high blood pressure, protrusion of waist inter-vertebral disk constipation, diarrhea, chronic, gastritis, dysmenorrhoea and neurasthenia. The ultra long wave can stimulate the nerves, dredge the meridians and activate the collaterals, help the regeneration of internal cells. The anion can add the energy to the human cells and strengthen the resistance to the diseases for human body.

Comes with handy microcomputer controller



  • Microcomputer control with seven motors let you set up time and choose different massage types: neck, back, waist, legs, or massage all at the same time
  • Made of 47 pcs of jade and 14 pcs of germanium stones to provide healthy microelements for human body with infrared heat function
  • Infrared heated therapy (with low, medium, high) to promote blood circulation and improve immunity
  • Auto power off system, power is cut off automatically when the infrared heat temperature reaches the maximum point.
  • With alligator leather material embroiled with jade stones
  • Vibrating massage to relieve the pain of lumbar and fatigue of back


  • With AC home use adaptor: 110V
  • Rated frequency: 80HZ
  • Rated power60W.
  • Measures 50x21 inches, weights 10 lbs


  • Do not use this product in place with high humidity.
  • Do not use this product when the outside material is broken
  • Do not use this product during sleeping.
  • Do not use product when the cushion is folded or flipped over.
  • Please check and make sure power connection is safe before using it.

  • Model: KH233
  • Shipping Weight: 11lbs
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