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Carepeutic® Acupressure Points Therapy Foot Massager


The first foot massager combined with concept of acupuncture therapy and soothing heated air-pressing massage to help improve blood circulation.

Painful, sore, tired feet? You need the Acupressure Points Therapy Foot Massager. Its four unique airbags strengthen acupuncture massage with adjustable, inflatable, venting air pressure and 192 acupuncture nodes imitate reflexology and deliver acupressure massage to soothe tired, aching feet and relieve tightness and fatigue on feet. 24 soothing lights generate warm, comfort massage to help enhance blood circulation. It's lightweight and portable with a built-in carry handle for easy transport. Time settings 10, 15, 20 minutes.

Measures: 19x18x16 inches Weights 21 lbs


  • 4 Unique airbags strengthen acupuncture massage.
  • Preset airbags pressure in 3 levels of intensity.
  • Adjust inflatable and venting air pressure
  • 192 acupuncture nodes irritate reflexology.
  • Adjustable acupuncture speeds in 3 levels.
  • 24 spot lights generate soothing heat to help enhance blood circulation
  • Time settings are 10, 15 (auto) and 20 minutes.
  • 110V Ac Adaptor Included.


Trouble Shooting:

  • Noise after pressing “Pressure” button: after pressing the "Pressure" button, you will hear the gear sound--that is the nature of modes switching, then press the "Inflatable" button to adjust the pressure until it reaches the pressure level you like, and the gear sound will be gone.
  • Noise after choosing the Slow Speed Mode: when you choose the Slow Speed mode, it is the nature to hear the sound from the 192 acupuncture nodes and that sound will disappear after switching it to Fast Speed mode.
  • No power: Please turn on the Power Switch Button located on the Bottom of the Massager before pressing the On/Off Button from the touch panel of the massager.
  • Please do NOT stand up on the 192 nodes massage board. It'll cause damage to the panel inside.

  • Model: KH382
  • Shipping Weight: 21lbs
  • 150 Units in Stock

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