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BetaOptics® Compact Mega Zoom Binocular


The BetaOptics™ Compact Mega Zoom Binocular 20-140x30mm is the Most Compact Highest Zoom Binocular capable of seeing things up to 140 times closer.

To catch every move of wild animals from 400 yards away, to see your favor idols on stage and your favor players in a game, you need The Most compact Highest Zoom Binocular. The Most compact Highest Zoom Binocular gets you what you need to entertain your eyes and to capture the most cherished moment that you want to share with your love ones. To watch a sport game in stadium and you want to catch every swing of your favor players, you will feel so exhausted if you do not have our Compact Zoom Binocular—its zoom allows you to magnify between 20 and 140 times closer and obtain 30 times more light coming into the lens. You’ll experience like you are next to the subject. Why miss out this great compact zoom binocular that every out-going people must have?


  • One of the world's most compact highest-magnification binocular zooms from 20X to an amazing 140X magnification.
  • 30mm objective lenses gather plenty of light for bright, clear images.
  • Powerful binocular is rugged and durable yet surprisingly lightweight and compact, pocket size.
  • Features center-wheel focus with adjustment.
  • Includes case, mini tripod adaptor, carrying pouch with adjustable neck strap.


  • Magnification: 20-140x30mm
  • Objective Diameter (mm): 30mm
  • Prisms System: Bak-4 Porro
  • Glass: Bak4
  • Fully coated
  • Fog proof
  • Angular Field of View: 1.65x-0.3
  • Exit Pupil (mm): 1.4mm at 20x 0.24mm at 140x
  • Eye Relief (mm): 10.2mm at 20x and 6mm at 140x
  • Product size: 4.5x4.9x1.9 inches, weight 0.4 lbs, with kit for tripod.


Palm size, compact, powerful zoom, small enough for you to carry it in your pocket
The highest zoom lets you see things up to 140 times closer


Trouble Shooting:

Cannot get a sharp and clear image: please follow the steps below (On page 3 of instruction manual)

  • 1: Move the Zoom Lever to 20x.
  • 2: Select a suitable view, close your left eye and use only your right eye to observe; adjust the center focus wheel until the object is clear and sharp from your right eye.
  • 3: Then close your right eye and use only left eye to observe, adjust the left diopter until the image is clear and sharp from your left eye. Now, a balanced focus between the eyepieces has been achieved for your eyesight.
  • 4: Mark the diopter position on binocular for your future use. Note: there is only one diopter setting ring on the ocular (left eye when the Ocular lens is facing your eyes), another ocular lens (right eye when the Ocular lens is facing your eyes) cannot be turned. Refer to diagrams on page 1.
  • 5: Now, you can move the zoom lever to 140x, use both eyes to observe the object. The binocular is now ready to use.
  • When looking at another object with binocular, adjust only the center focus wheel based on the distance of the object. Rotate the center focus wheel until reaching the focus.
  • To bring an object closer (Increasing the magnification), push the zoom handle to higher numbers. To obtain a wider field of view, push the zoom lever to lower numbers (decreasing the magnification).
  • You may need to re-adjust the center focus wheel when viewing from low magnification to highest magnification.


  • At lower magnification, a subject may appear sharper. You can adjust the zoom lever to find a good magnification and clarity for the chosen object.
  • At higher magnification, the image captured through ocular lens may be dithering even for such high quality binocular. Thus, use of tripod is recommended in order to stabilize the binocular and avoid dithering during focusing.
  • When you increase the zoom, if the object is too close to binocular, it may reduce the clarity of image. This is not the problem of binocular. It is about the distance between the object and ocular lens. You can change the object that is further away from binocular or adjust the zoom to find a good magnification and clarity for the chosen object.

  • Model: KC245
  • Shipping Weight: 1lbs
  • 624 Units in Stock

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